Her son is also inspired by In This Moment’s singer

On the 27th of July 2017, the latest album of In This Moment band, Ritual, was released in the stores, which is a huge success. The band is still present on this album, which will be live on stage on June 15 in Budapest. The band had to plan their entire European tour, so they was scheduled the concert on A38 ship earlier.

Maria and Chris have recently talked to Klaq magazine about their songwriting, the new album and the new Female Metal Tour, which they are one of the participants.

In the new tour, there are many strong female metal bands, but what’s different in dynamics when you’re the only female metal band?

“It’s different, because it is more man-oriented. But among the many percussion bands Maria is the only woman to stand on stage every time. But this tour is different because there are more powerful women with whom we travel together, who are very strong and extremely good heads and that is so good.”

Maria and Chris also talked about how difficult for them to write songs while they are on tour.

“Chris hates to write while the tour, Maria loves. People get a lot of inspiration and ideas during the journey. Sometimes I’m sang a melody to my phone on 4 am.”

They have been betrayed by the new album that they and the publisher are fond of the processing, so it is possible that they will be processing and they would like to invite guest singers as Mary says they are always very fun and good moods and new energies and excitement factors are given to the album.

As you know, Maria was 15 years old when she became mother. As to how difficult it is to realize her dreams as a young mother, she said that The Secret movie has changed her life, and positive thinking has helped her achieve everything. Follow your heart and focus on the law of attraction to achieve anything.

As a mother, the singer is best inspired by her son, but she also does a lot of things that give her an idea. From the interview we learned that her son is also musician.

As to when the new album will be release, the following is the true:

“We are writing the songs at this time, but we will only pick them up next year, so they are ready for next summer. Ideas are in our heads.”

The full interview you can watch at the following link:

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