Henriette Bordvik

We are launching an article, or hopefully, an article series in which we’re write about metal singers who was now retired or they are playing in smaller bands a little further away from the great praise light.


In the first part we write about a singer who had previously performed a major band, but nowadays she has replaced the microphone to the bass guitar and playing in two hardcore genre bands.

She is the Sirenia’s second singer, Henriette Bordvik.

Heni became the frontwoman of Sirenia in 2002, and the on band’s second album, An Elixir for an Existence, she was the singer. Although she does not have much the work with Morten, anyway, the only 20-year-old girl played an important role in the band’s life. With her voice, sounds the Save Me From Myself song.

In spite of the great success, Henriette did not endure Morten’s repression for a long time and in 2005 she waved to the band.
Sirenia continued with Monika Pedersen, who also had a short time in the team, with whom she had the greatest successes. but write about this later.


Then Henriette began to hear about herself in 2015 when she became a bass guitarist of the Black Metal band called Asagraum in Norway.
The band originally consists of two founding members:

Obscura (Bass, guitars, female vocal) and
Trish Kolsvart (drums)

Henriette is bassing only at the concerts in the group, who are performing with a complete band.

In the fall of 2015, the band was born to play a pure satanic black metal, with an old-school feeling of the late ’90’s and dark psychedelic effects. The three songs’ first promo EP were released at the beginning of that year, giving the true clear sound of Asagraum. They also recorded their first album titled Potestas Magicum Diaboli. The album was mixed in the Swedish Necromorbus Studio and released by KVLT Records on September 29, 2017. Live performances spread the black flames of Asagraum across Europe, and next to Henriette (who works by her artist name Makhashanah), there is an another bassist, Mortifero, with them if he needs to replace Henriette.


Asagraum with Henriette

Part of the Asagraum’s performance in Germany!
The bass player is Henriette Bordvik

Why should be to replace Henriette in Asagraum?
Well, because she is playing in another band too which is Abyssic the Doom/Death metal band who are formed in 2016.
Briefly, the symbiosis of unique atmospheric approaches to funeral death/doom metal with black and prog effects, reinforced by Mellotron, Minimoog and Upright bass.
Abyssic’s first album was recorded by Memnock (Susperia), Elvorn (Susperia) and André Aaslie (Funeral, Images at Twilight & Profane Burial) by Asgeir Mickelson (Ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn) and published in the title A Winter’s Tale in February 2016 via Osmose Productions.
Henriette joined the band at the end of 2016 and together with the other members brought the true darkness of Abyssic.
The band is currently working in the studio on its new album, which will be released in 2018.


Abyssic with Henriette Bordvik

Abyssic live
Bass player: Henriette Bordvik

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