Heart of Pandora from Norway!

Heart of Pandora, with members Catherine Nyland and Pål Wasa Johansen was formed in Elverum, Norway 2015.
Melodic songwriting, atmospheric soundscape and beautiful voice dominate Heart of Pandora’s music.
Heart of Pandora involved Henning as a producer and co-songwriter, and started the recording process in 2016.
Their debut album is planned for release in 2019.

Their debut single ALWAYS IN MY HEART was released 26th October 2018 and gathered praise from press and fans.
A music video was made for the single by the talented Norwegian Øyvind Saugerud.
Heart of Pandora also debuted live at the release party on Sound Garden Pub in their hometown.


Catherine Nyland
Pål Wasa Johansen
feat. Henning Ramseth as producer and co-songwriter.


Cover of the debut single

“Striking debut single…
I haven’t had a song that makes me feel such a complex mix of emotions – excitement, happiness, melancholy and sense of bliss – in a while.
Always In My Heart is one to watch out for!
Keep an eye on Heart Of Pandora, I feel big things coming this way. 9.5/10”

-says Muses For Metal

The song is written by Catherine Nyland, Pål Wasa Johansen, Henning Ramseth & Hans Olav Kjeljebakken.
Produced by Henning Ramseth / Space Valley Studio
Music video by Øyvind M. Saugerud / Hyenafilms

Watch the video below:

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