Floor Jansen told what she had to fight on the beginning of her career

It is well known that even today there are people who questions the presence of women in the metal band, because they say that it is too much for a woman to stand at the head of a hardcore music band. Floor still receives warmth from the audience today, and with plenty of beautiful memories, it is full of bad memories.

The Dutch singer has recently interviewed by Teamrock, telling them what she had to face when she was young on stage with her then-popular After Forever team. Floor, among other things, told him that she had, on one occasion, been clashed with a drunk man who finally said she was not worthy of attention.

This guy yelled at me: >> Wow, breasts!!! << and he couldn’t refused to listen. Finally, I said, “I see you have a very big mouth, why do not you come and tell these things after the show, straight into my face? «

-Floor was resurrected.

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