Floor Jansen: “It would be unfair to ask everyone to wait for me at ReVamp

The singer gave a wide-ranging interview within the framework of the FortaRock festival, which included a number of topics, including whether the ReVamp was likely to return, but also relied on her relocation.

She first betrayed her performance in her homeland, Holland, because she received amazing love and support from her home fan club. In addition, she also honestly stated that she had never even thought of setting up a family in another country:

“I’ll be Dutch forever, although I’m moving abroad and singing in a Finnish band, of course I have my roots here, and I started playing in the smallest places. To be able to support the Dutch audience behind me … Well, that’s very nice.”

-she began and conitnued:

I never thought about moving once abroad, I just went on my way, tried to learn Finnish, which is incredibly difficult, so I realized that if I really wanted to learn it, I would have to move to Finland, which was a tremendous step for me and it was awesome because I did it alone. People supported me everything, but I was scared for something. Finally, I fell in love with the Nordic countries and Sweden became my new home. Finnish will never be my strength but I speak very well in Swedish.”

In addition, Floor responded readily to the question about ReVamp, which was originally intended to put her team back in the red light, but she didn’t receive a response but told why she had to break-up the Dutch band in 2016:

First of all, when I joined the Nightwish suddenly, we began to design the second album of ReVamp after we had a break – I was sick but I did my best on the road, I was ready for the new album, but when I joined Nightwish, everything has changed. I had to change the appearance of the album, but I never said, “Oh, I will not release the CD or I will never finish it.” I wanted to finish the album and go on tour with my own band so people can hear our songs.”

-she replied, saying that she wanted to make the Wild Card album which was debuted in 2013.

So that’s what happened … This meant, however, that I had to go on a tour and make albums as I burned out once, I didn’t want to re-experienced it. I had to choose to ask everyone in the ReVamp to wait for me, and that wouldn’t have been fair.”


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