Female Metal Voices Tour 2019

The Flaming Arts Agency has always been known for organizing large-scale parties.
In recent years, the Female Metal Voices Tour has been a great success, with big names and some lesser known bands being invited.
This event series will be held again this year.
This year, the two headliner bands are Leaves’ Eyes and Sirenia.
They will be accompanied by the Swiss Kassogtha on the first half of the tour and the Italian Asphodelia on the second half and the Finnish Lost In Grey and the Dannish Forever Still as well.

You can see the stops below:

There will be places where Sirenia will not perform at the event.

These were marked with an asterisk by the organizers.

Of course, there will be more dates on the calendar, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some clips from the artists:

You can read some infos too about the support bands.


Stephany – the unique voice of Kassogtha – founded her first band early in her life, at the tender age of 15.
Settling for nothing less than perfection, the steamrolling line-up of today came together in 2017, after several personnel changes, to record their debut album ‘A New World To Come’ under the band’s former name Deus Ex Machina.
On this first record, the band’s creative force is completed by Mortimer Baud, whose riffs join Stephany’s voice and lyrics to make their way straight under the listener’s skin, and bassist Joseph Jaccaz, whom you may well find front and centre at the band’s devastating live shows, shredding away and putting many a lead guitar player to shame.
After having self-released their first record and playing shows across Europe in 2017, the band have tasted blood and started 2018 ready for more.
In quick succession, ‘A New World To Come’ was nominated for “Best Rock Demo” at Zurich’s m4music festival, first proper tours took the band through Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and France, and the summer was crowned by making it as a finalist through the W.O.A. Metal Battle Switzerland.
With the departure of drummer Samuel second guitar player François, the remaining members are connected first and foremost by what they all instantly name as the main driver and passion behind their music: authentic and real connection – both with their fans and with each other.
A band spirit, so to speak, that becomes apparent immediately to any listener and that is only strengthened with the addition of one of Switzerland’s most dedicated young drummers, Dylan Watson, and 19-year old guitar wunderkind Martin Burger.
Together, they have found their shared identity in a new name.
Meet Kassogtha: Leaner and meaner, ready to take their sound to the next level, and gearing up to take Melodic Death Metal into the future.

Lost In Grey:

The Finnish theatrical metal band Lost in Grey was founded in 2013. Inspired by symphonic and folk metal, literature and the world itself, Lost in Grey creates multifaceted music and brings elements of drama to the songs as well as live performances.
The band will be releasing their 2nd album THE WASTE LAND in January 2019 via Reaper Entertainment Europe.
On this new album the band dives into the themes that lead to the story of their debut album THE GREY REALMS (2017).
The Waste Land represents a place where suppressed thoughts and emotions are hidden.
There they wither or live on as echoes and whispers.
Telling the story, Harri Koskela (also keyboard), Emily Leone (also violin) and lyricist Anne Lill Rajala play the characters within the story and bring a very own touch to it through their diverse voice talents.
The team are without doubt one of the most promising newcomers within recent years, electrifying their audiences through their suspense-packed story and the terrific sound setting.
Listen to a piece of art in which the lyrical concepts are in an inseparable union with the musical compositions and all the graphics around the album, showing the talent and commitment of each band member.


Asphodelia is a dark symphonic metal act founded in 2016 in Foggia, Italy, by Samuela ‘Samah’ Fuiani (vocals and keyboards) and Ruggero ‘Lordian’ Doronzo (guitar), and currently including Davide Ricciardi (bass), Giuseppe Centonza (drums) and Gianni Colonna (guitar).
Their sound blends symphonic and choral sonorities, electronics and Mediterranean echoes into a solid metal frame with a strongly dark mood. Their lyrics are usually centered on the theme of the afterlife, on the life and death dichotomy, the fleetingness of time and the misery of the human condition.
The band is named after the asphodel, typical Mediterranean flower connected to the ancient Greek Underworld: in the ancient Greek mythology, the Asphodel Meadows is a place where the indifferent souls, who lived a life of neither good or evil, are sent to live after death.
The band released a promo EP entitled ‘Vengeance’ on 26 May 2016, receiving enthusiastic response from their fanbase.
In May 2017 they joined the prestigious roster of The Flaming Arts Agency, leading them to important stage experiences such as the Female Metal Voices Tour Russia 2017 as main support to Sirenia, The Agonist and Cellar Darling.
With the release of their debut album ‘Welcome Apocalypse’ through Mighty Music on 20 April 2018, the band makes its official entry into the international metal scene, gathering the attention of the specialized press and receiving flattering reviews from magazines and media like Rock Hard (DE), Sweden Rock (SE), Powerplay (UK), Rock Tribune (BE), Scream Magazine (NO), Burrn (JP), We Rock (JP), Lords of Metal (NL), Pure Grain Audio (CA) and many others.
The videoclip for their first single ‘Cassandra’ was premiered on three international media: Legacy (DE), Sweden Rock (SE) and Metalized (DK).
The release is supported by a promotional tour in UK, Spain, Italy and many summer festival appearances, leading the band to perform in several countries and share the stage with acts like Sabaton, Moonspell, Septicflesh, Udo Dirkschneider, Arkona, Caliban, Moonsorrow, We Butter The Bread With Butter, H.e.a.t., Avalanch, Saratoga, Carach Angren, Skyforger, Metsatöll, Cruachan, Necronomicon, Illdisposed and many others.

Forever Still:

Forever Still is a Danish rock band was formed in 2016 by Maja Shining, singer-songwriter.
Their first EP was released at that time as well.
2017 saw the breakthrough and the first album, Tied Down.
The breakthrough song, Miss Madness, has become a worldwide favorite with fans, making the band known on the international market.
Their albums are released by Nuclear Blast.
Maya did not leave the second album to chance.
Breathe In Colours shows a harder and heavy side of the band.

Leaves’ Eyes:


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