Exclusive Interview with Melissa Van Fleet

Melissa Van Fleet is a singer-songwriter who is living in Philadelphia, USA.

She is a young representative of dark music and alternative metal.
Our partner, Press This Music PR, introduced us her and we didn’t hesitate to interview her.

You can read this exclusive conversation below:


1 When and where did your musical career begin?

“I grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
As a young girl I wrote poetry and lyrics as a form of therapy to help deal with the complications of having a parent with a chronic illness.
As I got older I started playing instruments and could finally put melodies to the lyrics I was writing.
I’ve been singing professionally since my first studio recording at age 12.”

2 What’s special about your music?

“My music is crafted from a very organic place.
I was strictly an acoustic artist for a long time and it was solely my piano and myself from the writing process to performing.
Despite the fuller instrumentation in my new music, I’ll never lose that raw foundation because my approach to writing is still exactly the same.
Lyrically I gravitate toward dark topics and write to help deal with OCD and anxiety.”

3 What was your first milestone in your career?

“It technically wasn’t my first milestone but the reaction to my cover of “Sleeping (In The Fire)” by W.A.S.P. was very unanticipated. I recorded the video as a birthday present for my dad and never intended for anyone to hear it other than him. He convinced me to put it on YouTube so others could hear it and many doors opened thanks to that video!”

4 What’s special about your Metal Lullabies album?

Metal Lullabies is an acoustic album of metal covers and original songs.
I chose a selection of my favorite metal songs that I felt would still emotionally and technically translate with only piano and string accompaniment. Receiving approval from bands like W.A.S.P., Queensrÿche and Lacuna Coil about my versions of their songs was an unbelievably gratifying feeling.”

5 When did you love the classical music?

“I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. I am obsessed with darker classical music because of my background in ballet.
I’m especially inspired by Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.”

6 I know you worked with Lacuna Coil. How was the work with them?

“Having Lacuna Coil bassist/producer Marco Coti-Zelati produce Ode To The Dark was the most pleasant experience and I learned so much.
He is one of the most talented people I have ever met and his ear for music is unbelievable.
When I heard Lacuna Coil’s release Delirium I couldn’t believe how the production was exactly what I was hearing in my mind with the new songs I was writing.
He has a natural ability to capture my dark lyrics, themes and melodies with his arrangements.”

7 Who are your idols?

“I was always drawn to bands with powerful and unique vocalists.
I remember watching a Ronnie James Dio concert videotape with my dad when I was in 4th grade and thinking I wanted to be up on a stage like that someday.
He had a huge dragon prop and captivated the audience with his unbelievable vocals and performance.
Around that same time I discovered Alanis Morissette and I was immediately empowered by how she was so unapologetically herself in her music.
Lacuna Coil has been very influential of course.
Over the summer I accompanied Cristina on piano during their two sold out shows in New York and it was a dream of an experience since I’ve been a fan for over 15 years!”

8 Do you planning a new album? Maybe an international tour?

“Several collaborations are going to be released in the winter.
I’m constantly writing and recording new material for different projects and to pitch to TV/Film.
I miss touring and playing shows.
Lately I’ve been so inspired in the studio with different projects. I look forward to performing the new songs though!”

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the future.


Below you can watch Melissa’s music video:


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