Exclusive interview with Break Me Down

Break Me Down is an Italian Alternative Metal band from Milan, formed in 2017.
The energy and the beauty of their songs releases a powerful emotion that explodes during their live performances.
With Faith Blurry on vocals, they released their first EP “Resilience”in January 2018, which contains three unedited songs written and produced by the band, then recorded and mixed by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Studio.
Among many shows all over their country there are some important as opening act for international artists like: Crazy Town, Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore and Lacuna Coil.
On February 2019 Faith left the band to follow her own path.
On March 2019 Irene Franco became the new BMD singer.
The current line-up sees Irene Franco(Vocals), Morris Steel(Guitars), Laerte Ungaro(Guitars), Giuseppe “LoChef” Greco(Bass) and Fabio Benedan(Drums).
On September 2019 They will released the first single “Your Game” from the brand new record “The Pond”.
On October 17th 2019 BMD released their first LP on every digital store!
“The Pond” contains eleven unedited songs written and produced by the band, then recorded and mixed again by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Studio.
Our partner, Press This Music PR introduced the band to us and we didn’t hsitate to interview them.
You can read this exclusive conversation below:

1 Tell me a little bit about the band?

When and where did you formed and what was the first milestone in your carreer?

“The band was formed by our guitarist, Laerte.
He put together the spine of BMD with his old band mates, Beppe LoChef (Bass Guitar) and Beppe La Gala (Drums).
Then Faith Blurry became the first singer and Morris completed the lineup as second guitarist.After few months Beppe La Gala left the band to follow new paths and Fabio Benedan become the new drummer.I played with the guys at last christmas jam session in Milan, so when Faith left BMD, one year later, they asked me to join the band.My first milestone was the first time I went to the studio with a real producer:
I was in another band at the time, but this experience changed my professional point of view.
I learned so many things, especially of my voice and my limits, that are not limits anymore.
I started to learn from my mistakes.”

2 There are several famous bands from Milan. For example, Lacuna Coil. Who is your favorite?
“My favorites are Destrage and Anewrage!
Both bands are Italians, from Milan too. They are absolutely stunning!”
3 Who are your idols? What bands are you look up to?
“I have too many idols that I look up to.
It’s very hard for me to choose just a few.
But I can say that I love pop music and its artists the most.”
4 What are your biggest goals with the band?
“At the moment my biggest goal is to travel the world to play my music.”
5 I know you won a prize at the 2018 Rock In Park. Tell me a little about this.
“It happened before my arrival in BMD.
They decided to participate to this contest that is one of the most important in Milan.
After all they won the second place!
There were so many great bands of the underground scene so we are very proud about it.”
6 Tell me about your new album!
” “The Pond” is our first record. It contains 11 songs written and produced by the band.
We did all the job in just three months.
I arrived in this band in March and we went in the studio to start recording in May.
It was very hard for every one of us, but Matteo Magni, our sound engineer, did a great job, and everything sounds amazing!
We are very proud of the result.”
7. How born the songs? Who writes the music and the lyrics?
“As to the music,we work together as a team: somebody put an idea, a melody, a riff or part of the lyrics and we work on it.
Different approach for the lyrics: our songs are personal so it’s difficult for us to write lyrics together, this is a thing that we do alone.
We write about life.
Everything that is around us: life stories, feelings, emotions.
Some songs of our new record are inspired by movies and even YouTube videos!
OCD, for example, talks about love from the point of view of a guy that has the obsessive-compulsive disorder.
We think about love in a “classic” way, but we never think that for this guy love means also not washing his hands after touching her skin.”
8 I really like Italian people. They are kind, helpful and always smile.
Do you agree? How would you describe the Italian people?
“Yeah! You are right but don’t forget the exceptions! 🙂
We are very passionate and kind but also you have to remember that we are artists in every possible way: art, music, food, history and culture.”
Thank you for the interview and good luck for the first album!
“Thank you for this opportunity!
Don’t forget to follow us on our social media!
See You Around!!!”
Please check the band’s brand new video below:


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