Evanescence-The new album is on top!

The Arkansas band’s new work, which was titled Synthesis, was released on November 10th. The title of the album is also the addition to the new songs, besides the re-recorded versions of the older songs.

Singer Amy Lee – now she left the only original member from the original lineup – has released a new album for children, Dream Too Much, last year.

After Evanescence’s 2011 self-titled album, the fans were excited about the new material Amy had said several times before: it’s not just the next record, it’s a special project, as they’ve worked with an orchestra to accompany the band to the tour.

Synthesis has produced 34,000 sales in the United States for 16 weeks, less than a week, and landed on the 8th place of the Billboard 200 list.

There is therefore a cause for joy for the band, as not only does the sale show the loyalty of the fans, but their first concert, the repertoire of which was mainly composed by the new record, was also successful.

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