Evanescence: Joint US tour with Lindsey Stirling!

On November 10, 2017, the Arkansas band’s long-awaited new album, Synthesis, was released, along with new songs with re-tuned versions of well-known songs.

The album immediately became a huge success and the tour went almost everywhere with full house.

Recently, Amy Lee and the band rested on the tiredness and sorrow while Amy’s brother died, so they had to rest, but in the days they announced that they would be making a big band tour in the United States for this summer, inviting guest the most talented violinist of today, Lindsey Stirling, for whom a dream come true with this tour, as she is also a great fan of Evanescence.


At her 2013 tour she played the most famous hit of the band, the My Immortal. Also, on the new album of Evanescence in the song Hi-Lo is also involved the well-known violinist.

Lindsey, as you can see in the video below, is very excited about the tour because she would not have dreamed to go to a common tour once with her favorite band.

Tickets are already available for the tour!

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