EP premiere: Levinia-Liberation

The Levinia band from California has just been introduced.
Their first EP was still in appearance.
Now it’s available on all digital platforms.
The EP’s title is Liberation.
The disc contains 5 songs and is released in its own edition.
Musically they plays modern symphonic metal.
We are, in any case, saying that there is a promising future for the band.



  1. Prayers
  2. Push And Pull
  3. Liberation
  4. The Fall
  5. Promise And Pride



It starts with a synthesizer intro, and begins with a very powerful guitar solo.
Court’s voice, like the angel from heaven, speaks in verses and choruses.
The whole song is like listening to Epica, but it’s unique.

Push And Pull:

Powerful and demanding.
It starts with a hard guitar riffs, and the singer’s voice melts the song.
In the chorus, the voice of the choir increases the quality of the song.
The protracted part is also very powerful, and the symphonic instruments make this very powerful song even more colorful.


The title song is also powerful.
In the chorus, the melody was very successful.
Very well together, the instruments and melodies are excellent.

The Fall:

We can hear a medium-long, very strong song, in which the chorus and Court voice in the chorus are great.
The hard guitar base makes the song really strong.

Promise And Pride:

The closing title is a fast song that was not credited to chance.
It was full of energy, a really powerful song with symphonic elements.

Ranking: 10/10

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