End of the Dream: End of an Era

The Dutch symphonic metal band End of the Dream was founded in 2013. The gang was completed in 2014. In August 2014, they started recording their debut album, ‘All I Am’. The album was produced by former member of After Forever, Joost van den Broek.

The first album was released on March 24, 2015 in their own release. The album received excellent feedbacks from both media and fans.

The band is influenced by bands such as After Forever, Epica, Dream Theater, or Stream of Passion.

Their second album, Until Your Break, released in 2017. From this album, the title track has been copied as a single.

Recently there has been a great silence for the orchestra until now. For a couple of days ago they announced that their singer Micky left the band.

The band wrote on Facebook that the singer had recently felt that she did not want to be part of the band in the coming years. The team’s members respected their decision and promised to continue their work. That means that another singer will be replaced Micky and they will continue the work.

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