Elize Ryd: “We’ve become heavier!”

We recently wrote that the Swedish-Danish Amaranthe finished their fifth studio album. Now Elize Ryd, the band’s singer tell some infos about the new album for Roppongi Rocks.

“The recordings lasted two months, and the album was produced by Jacob Hansen. It’s a record time!”

-began the pretty singer, and then continued:

“We’ve became heavier than earlier, and we’ve written a very fast song for the sake of Japanese fans, and we’re also happy with Nils, whose voice at first seemed unusual, but it did a great job! The album will contain both serious and loose songs.

The title of the album the band has not yet been announced, their last album was Maximalism has been released in 2016.

3 Replies to “Elize Ryd: “We’ve become heavier!””

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