Eleine-Until The End

The story of the symphonic metal gang, Eleine, from Malmö, lead by Madeleine Liljestam, began in 2012 when Madeleine, the songwriter and singer of the band, and the other songwriter and vocalist-guitarist Rikard Ekberg formed together the band.
At the end of 2013, joined them three talented musicians:

David Eriksson (drums),
Sebastian Berglund (keys) and
Andreas Mårtensson (bass guitar)

Their first single released on April 3 2014, titled Gathering Storm, that followed in March 2015 by the second, which received a positive feedback from both the audience and the critics.
On April 18, they released their own titled debut album via Cardiac Records / Universal.
Their music is described as a heavy symphonic metal with specific elements.
Staying on the stage keeps in touch with the audience.
The audience rightly identifies the band with Madeleine, a singer with the same artist name, who working as a Goth model next to the music. She has been featured on the cover page of the scandinavian Tattoo Magazine and models for several large alternative companies up to the present.


Madeleine on the cover of the scandinavian Tattoo Magazine.

With a combination of modeling and music, Eleine defines themselves as
seductive, stylish, and monumental.


Madeleine as a Goth model

The band developed a lot in a short time. They have already shared the stage with bands such Darkane, Sister Sin and Raubtier. They have performed at numerous popular venues like Sweden Rock Festival and Rock Stage Malmöfestivalen to name a few.
At the beginning of 2016, the band broke up with its former record label, Cardiac Records. On May 2 2016, they released their latest single and video clip, Take Break Live. Even last year, they went on a joint european tour with the legendary Moonspell & The Foreshadowing.

The band is currently making their new album, titled Until The End, which will be on the shelves of the stores on February 23 2018 and planning promising shows that will blow one’s mind.


2 months ago, the band released the first single and music video from the album for the song Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die), which we can listen to on the following link:

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