Edge of Paradise: Heavy Metal from California

Edge Of Paradise is an American hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2011.
The band is known for its heavy guitars complemented by industrial and classical influences, as well as Monet’s large vocal range.
In 2012, Monet was featured in Metalholic’s “Top 25 Women in Hard Rock and Metal.

The band was formed in 2011 after Margarita Monet met guitarist Dave Bates on a freelance project.
At the time, Bates was part of a band called “Bleed” with singer Robin McAuley, bassist Tony Franklin, and drummer Gregg Bissonette.
Edge of Paradise reworked Bates’ unreleased songs and included them in the band’s debut album.

The group’s debut album, Maskwas released on September 15, 2011 by Melrose Music Studios.
It features a rhythm section consisting of Gregg Bissonette on drums and Tony Franklin on bass.

After the release of their first album, Edge of Paradise toured over 20 states, sharing the stage with Kamelot, Chris Broderick of Megadeth, Bullet Boys, Hellion, Helmet, Dave Lombardo of Slayer, and Michael Angelo Batio.

Metalholic says:

“Monet’s voice is something that you don’t expect, earth-shattering range, rich tone, pure power and strength.
That girl can sing and she sings with her heart and soul, I think that’s what literally hypnotizes people.
There is something iconic about her.
She can be idolized not only by generations that are into heavier music but also by the kids that are growing up on pop culture”

Hard Rock Heaven:

“The band can not only put on a show, but they are great songwriters as well.

With their memorable hooks and huge choruses, listeners can hum their tunes long after hearing them play.

There is no doubt in my mind that Edge of Paradise is on their way to the big stages; they are bound to break through.”

Edge of Paradise’s second album, Immortal Waltz, was released on May 22, 2015 via Pure Steel Records and Soulfood.
The album was produced and mixed by Michael Wagener, the album cover art was created by Timo Wuerz, and the music videos for the singles “In a Dream” and “Rise for the Fallen” premiered via the magazine Revolver.
The album was voted album of the week by Revolver’s readers.

Immortal Waltz received critical acclaim as well.

The Metal Pit stated:

“Immortal Waltz by The Edge of Paradise is one of the most unique-sounding albums I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

Edge Of Paradise’s third release, Alive EP was released March 10 via ILS/Universal.
The 6 song EP entered Billboard charts upon first week of release at Billboard’s Current Hard Music Albums chart at #58 and Top New Album Artist chart at #94.
The songs have more of an industrial feel to the music, using vocal effects, more rapid drum beats and more distortion to provide the album a different character than the symphonic-sounding Immortal Waltz.

The band in May 2018 (Pic by: Darren LaFreniere)

Alive has gained acclaim from music critics, calling the band a hard rock sensation.
Bravewords.com described the EP as a “whole new world on another planet”.

The single from title track was released Feb 3rd followed by the music video which premiered on Metal Underground on Feb 10th and released on Vevo.

The CD was produced by Chuck Johnson, mixed by Jay Ruston, Mike Plotnikoff and Michael Wagener.

Music Video for “Mystery” off of the Alive EP, premiered on Loudwire.
It got into top 10 videos on Loudwire’s Battle Royal at #2 the first week of debut.
Music critics praised the song for its songwriting and performance.
The band dedicated the song to Monet’s cousin, opera singer Oganes Georgiyan who lost his life in the plane crash of Russian TU-154 flight (you can see the dedication at the end of the video).

The team released the song “Shade of Crazy” and its accompanying music video on July 26.
The video premiered on Revolver’s website.
The song also got a radio debut on a major Los Angeles radio station (95.5 KLOS).
The song was produced by veteran produced Chuck Johnson and mixed by Jay Ruston.
It was noted:

“Sounding heavier while still showcasing symphonic and theatrical edge.”

Edge of Paradise is part of Rockers Against Trafficking, a foundation created by Kevin Estrada to raise awareness about human trafficking

In 2017, recognizing the need for an additional musician to buttress their sound, Edge of Paradise hired guitarist Dave Ruiz, a friend of bassist Nick Ericson.
According to Monet:

“He thickens up our sound, adds depth and more energy to our live show.”

Edge of Paradise joined the line-up for Femme Festival, a megaconcert of female-fronted hard rock and heavy metal bands, in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Edge of Paradise was the only American act.
Although Alive had a more industrial sound, the band also has a strong symphonic sound from Immortal Waltz, which mirrors many of the European acts who come from symphonic and European power metal influences.
The band was well-received among the European fans.
The new song, “Face of Fear” was played at the Festival.

Pic by Darren LaFreniere

The band has been writing for a forthcoming album, whose title and content has not yet been released.


Current Members:

  • Margarita Monet
  • Dave Bates
  • David Ruiz
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Vanya Kapetanovic

Past members:

  • Nick Ericson
  • John Chominsky
  • Kevin Katich
  • Gene McEwen
  • Kurt Schaeffer
Edge of Paradise 2018 (Pic by: Natalia Britt)

The band filmed their new video, Face of Fear in Iceland.

“Face Of Fear” encapsulates, in grand form, the prior evolution of Edge Of Paradise as the band turns a page to a whole new world of sound, revealed in the coming months of 2019, in the form of the album UNIVERSE!


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Watch the new video below:

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