Dust In Mind working on a new album!

The Strasbourg formation will soon be welcomed with a new music video, but this is not the only good news about Jennifer Gervais’s band’s house. They recently announced on their official Facebook page that they started working on their new material, which will be available next year.

The band also honored in Budapest in April ¬†with the swedish Paint was. Also in April, they released their latest album, Oblivion, which was made videos for several songs. The most successful is perhaps the I’m Different about School Terror and Exclusion, which has reached two hundred thousand views.

The beloved French have shot this video in April for the song I’m Different, which is released on the album called Oblivion, released in spring. The song was written against school violence and exclusion, and the clip was taken at a school by the Jennifer Gervais singer lead Strasbourg crew.

The team has been delighted to share their official Facebook profile few days ago that the film has reached over 200,000 views. The band is hoping that the video can contribute to school terror, bullying, which is often a taboo but often taboo.


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