Progressive dark metal from Szeged

Dreamgrave is a dark progressive metal band that was formed in 2007 and after the changes it was finally born in the final line-up in September 2012.

Their music is an eclectic blend of progressive, Gothic and neo-Classicist styles that balance the realm of dreams with ethereal, but unbelievable, emotional storms.
The band’s first released a demo in 2009 and started to emerge in the fall of 2012 in a new lineup and in 2014 they came out with a first big professional record the ‘Presentiment’ album, which has been leading Bandcamp’s bestsellers for two weeks.
A musical base is crowned by a strong vocal section. Women’s sopran vocal, pure man singing and growling together. There are many distant worlds with their music, starting with the dark Opeth’s extremity, the Paradise Lost’s Gothic to the Haken’s progressive play.
The band’s goal to become a truly forward-looking, barrier-free style, to become an entity of musical achievement at the artistic level and to open new musical directions to the audience.

Studio recordings were made in the Miracle Sound studio in Szeged.

The team released their latest album Monuments on October 26, which can be verified on their YouTube channel.

The band’s line up:

Dömötör Gyimesi (guitar, vocals)
Tamás Tóth (drums)
Mária Molnár (vocals)
Krisztina Baranyi (violin)
Péter Gilián (bass guitar)
János Mayer (keys)

Dreamgrave is a unique sound, varied writing, excellent melodic performance, progressive trends and the best beauty and the beast vocal duet.

Their first album can be listen here:

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