Draconian returns!

The 1994 formed Swedish doom metal band, Draconian had not heard about itself. Their latest album was released, Sovran, in 2015. This was the first album which we can listen to the South-African Heike Langhans, who joined the band in 2012. She replaced the blond Lisa Johansson, who joined the band in 2002.
Their first record came to store shelves in the summer of 2003 via Napalm Records, titled Where The Lovers Mourn.

So far, a total of 6 albums have been released by the band. Recently, several members have been exchanged in the band formed by Anders Jacobsson. Among other things, the post of bass player, currently featured by Heike’s partner Daniel Anghede. Heike make together with him the ISON project. Daniel is also a singer/guitarist of the Crippled Black Phoenix and Hearts of Black Science bands.

In the last few years, it was not possible to hear about the band, but this year the ice broke out in January, as they started a 4-station mini tour in Sweden.

Yesterday, Heike was also broke the team surrounding silence and announced on Facebook that Draconian is making a new record, so she could not hear about her and about the band since the tour. However, she insured everyone that everything is all right with her and just thats why she is not on the social network because she is very busy.


Heike Langhans

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