Doro’s talk about her music experiences

Doro Pesch exploded into the public in the ’80’s as the Warlock’s singer. Although the German formation was not too long, Doro did not give up her passion, so after having been charged using the Warlock name, she continued working solo. The vocalist is now beyond the fifth x, but she is still in the bombform, but now in her interview with Teamrock she looked back at the time when she fell in love with music.

“I was two or three years old. My dad was a truck driver and I spent a lot of time with him when he worked. The radio was always very loud and I sang.”

-she said, and then there is a reason why she was in one band:

“This is because I was the only child and I wanted to be in touch with others. At school I was the only musician in the classroom that was happy to sing to the people – very loud.”

-she said and adding that before she became a singer, she was dealing with others, including at the times she had taken the bass equipment, which she said was a tough job. She also betrayed that when she was on tour with her first team, Snakebite, she had to lead the tour, which taught her to have more sense of responsibility than she had previously thought.

“I will never call myself a boss. But I’m typically the person who supervises everything and I’m doing everything I can to do my best in the way. But that does not mean that I consider myself to be more important to others.”

-answering the question of whether it is easy to be a boss.

It is well known that blonde beauty is a great songwriter, but now she has also admitted that she would love to write songs for movies as well:

“I also want to write songs for movies. Now we have completed Anuk 3 and I really enjoyed the gained experiences. We are about to release a compilation that contains a special versions of some of my songs. The first one contains my German songs for which we recorded David Bowie’s Heroes in German.”


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