Doro’s new album comes in August!

It is well known that the German legend is already working on a brand new studio album that will be sent to store shelves during the summer. Earlier we learned that many hymns were placed and that some duets would be featured with performers such as Joachim Broden (Sabaton) and Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth).

For a couple of hours it was revealed that the singer’s twentieth album, Forever Warriors, Forever United will conquer the world on August 17th, and the cover of the album is also revealed, which is another special piece. As it turned out, the first single received the title All For Metal, which also features a music video, in which many guests will be heard and seen at the same time.

“There are huge hymns on the album, countless hard songs, and melodious melodies! The album must have power and therefore contains a lot of energy.”

– told the singer.



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