Docu-video from Butcher Babies!

On October 27, 2017, the latest album of the Californian Butcher Babies, which is the title of Lilith, was released.
Carla and Heidi have been touring the album all over the States since then. So far, two video clips, Lilith and Headspin have been released.
3 days ago the band released a special video. For their new single, Look What We’ve Done, They’ve created a docu-video, which let us see behind the scenes of the tour.

Heidi wrote on the team’s Facebook page for the video:

“Our new docu-video ‘Look What We’ve Done’ gives a behind the scenes look as to what emotions a tour might bring when the curtains close and real life settles in. When the accolades of the stage and energy of the crowd are gone; when you retreat to your bunk and the loneliness sets in. Where you miss your family, your friends and your loved ones. We touch on when conditions out of your control can make or break your stride. This gives an inside peek as to what keeps us going and how we deal with the extreme highs and extreme lows. The reality behind the stage.”

You can watch this video here:

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