Delain: “We are unbeaten together!”

The Dutch Delain has been diligent in recent months with their 2016 album, Moonbathers. The record was extremely positive, and the team’s fan base has now grown enormous, lifting them to the most popular female fronted bands.

We recently wrote that Charlotte Wessels and her musicians began recording their new album. In connection with this, the frontwoman and Martijn Westerholt, the keyboardist told the Overdrive Internet magazine, which released on Blabbermouth as well.

It turned out that the band appeared in the fall with a new EP, but the title of the publication is still unknown, and within a few concerts, which will affect the Netherlands and Germany, they will promote the novelty.

The new album is scheduled to be released in 2019. Martijn talked about this:

“We do not want to make a difference, but we have a lot of time to make a good album, but if we look at bigger bands, they can even touring with an album for up to 4-6 years. We upload space to our creativity. Last year I wrote some songs in America, Arizona, when I was with my girlfriend, I showed them to Charlotte and Guus Eikens, a song begins with a lot of ideas that ultimately brings out the end result.”

– said the musician , and the word moved to Charlotte:

“We have to work together and we’re so unbeatable! It’s important to mention Timo, our guitarist, who has more and more roles in the riffs. There is a teamwork, nothing to be taken into account, working with your associates.”



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