Delain released their Anniversary DVD!

As we well known, the dutch Delain celebrated their 10th anniversary on December 10, 2016.
The event was very spectacular and they have played the biggest hits of their career with guests such as Alissa White Gluz (Arch Enemy) or Liv Kristine.
There was also a film and sound recording, which we had to wait for nearly a year. The band announced it would be their first concert DVD. The 115-minute recording of the show was also made with extras such as a documentary about the group’s last 10 years, the recording of We Are the Others on Masters of Rock 2015 and the Suckerpunch video.
Until recently, it was impossible to know when the material appeared, but yesterday the wait was over. The band announced on their community that fans could get their jubilee DVD in their hands.

The publication’s title: Decade of Delain-Live at Paradiso

The show will be screened on October 31 at the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht, Netherlands as the band promises a public re-launch.

The team is currently touring with Marco Hietala, but the good atmosphere is shadowed by their drummer, Ruben Israel is leaving the band at the end of this tour. We have no information about his successor.
Ruben has strengthened Delain for 2 years and he’ll looks to new ways and new experiences next year.


The cover of the DVD

The promo video of the DVD!

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