Dark Sarah’s website has updated!

As we reported earlier, the Dark Sarah crew lead by Heidi Parviainen launched a campaign on the Indiegogo site – because their new album, The Golden Moth, cost a lot of money.

The team is grateful for all pre-ordering and buying all merching stuff. Now the campaign has ended and the band was happy to announce on their Facebook page that they were 100% satisfied with the goal, of course with the active involvement of the fans.

The album will be release in the spring of 2018, and after the between (Beyond the Black Veil) and the underworld (The Puzzle) Dark Sarah has arrived the upper world and here she continues her search her way.


Plus the good news for the fans is that Juha-Pekka “JP” Leppäluoto became a permanent member of the band. The singer has formed the dragon of the video of last year’s Dance With The Dragon and the new album was built on this song’s system. They also gave a taste of the finest Finns in the picture of Trespasser.

The band’s website has been updated in the meantime, and this was revealed on Facebook at the same time.

You can check it here

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