Dark Sarah published their new album’s cover!

Dark Sarah, based on Heidi Parviainen, is currently working hard on their third studio album, titled The Golden Moth. Previously, a cover was introduced, but as it turned out, it would not be the official piece of the disk. The band’s six members have also previously announced the list of musicians who are sure to hear on the album, and have betrayed that they will soon be joining the Sonata Arctica for a tour.

Heidi and her team, however, today made another surprise for their fans, as they released the official cover of the album, which is a photo from Toni Härkönen depicting her and Juha-Pekka, the background work of which was made by Darkgrove Design. In addition, it also turned out that the publication will conquer the world sometime in May, but the exact date has not yet been announced.


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