Dark Sarah: New album in September

Dark Sarah, led by Heidi Parviainen, has been in excitement since last year because they will be release their third album. In October last year, we saw the movie that was shot for the Trespasser song, and in January, Heidi also revealed the cover for the album, but there was a silence after it for the band’s house. Uncertain times they appeared the release of the album – last autumn they promised the release in this spring – the fans of the band’s Facebook page were constantly interested in releasing of the album.

Heidi and her musicians have now unveiled the date: September 21, 2018, but they still come up with surprises.

At the same time, the band revealed the titles of the tracks:

01. Desert Rose
02. Trespasser
03. Wheel
04. My Beautiful Enemy
05. I Once Had Wings
06. Pirates
07. Sky Sailing
08. Wish
09. Gods Speak
10. Promise
11. Golden Moth
12. The Gate Of Time

This record is in the upper world Рthe Beyond The Black Veil in 2015 has shown the Dark Sarah, on the Puzzle (November 2016) the young woman finds her way in the underworld, whom Heidi brought to life.

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