Cristina Scabbia’s new tattoo!

The italian Lacuna Coil’s frontwoman is a great pet friendly, she has a dog and a black cat. Her love for the latter was confirmed by a tattoo this time. Cristina visited a Milanese salon few days ago, where she also made her first tattoo and piercings.

“As you know, I love cats, I wanted something that symbolized independence, whim and tenderness at the same time. I wanted something expressive and dark.”

-wrote the 45-year-old singer next to the picture and continued:

“When I first saw this little guy, I fell in love with him now, and I have a hard time leaving home when I go on a tour, so I can always be with me, and black cats are often stigmatized by stupid people, who think they can bring misfortune.”

She also insisted on how she thinks the tattoo is just fashion and destroys people’s skin. According to Cristina, who thinks so, do not talk about it, hold your mind. She thinks that tattooing is an art, a form of self-expression – it has four, the first one sealed in 1992.


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