Cristina Scabbia remembered for last year

The 46-year-old singer of the Milan Lacuna Coil has a very busy year behind her: she has been on the tour for months, with her musicians working on their January 19 concert in London, and working on their book, Nothing Stands In Our Way.

The singer of the Italian band has talked about her Facebook about 2017, which, unfortunately, has brought very sad changes to the life of the singer.

“In the fall of 2016 I lost my father, and this fall my mother also died, they were the most important people in my life, they always supported me, and my relationship was over, which was my heart filled for 13 years …”

As known, Cristina and Slipknot guitarist James “Jim” Root found each other on Ozzfest in Germany in 2004, although their relationship was revealed only two years later. Last May, the couple broke up. For the reasons, the singer did not tell, but in her earlier interviews she was betrayed: as she lives in Italy and Jim is in Florida, it is a challenge to maintain a distance relationship and the parties must show patience to the other, though they are trying to spend more time together. The singer betrayed her band, fans and friends to help her in the processing of the series of losses.

“I would like to believe that there are all kinds of reasons, but when things are going to happen to you, there is nothing to be able to overcome the sadness I have many plans for 2018. The most important things for life can not be bought for money. They are always next to me. I wish you a Happy New Year!”


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