Cristina Scabbia is 46 years old!

Incredible, but true: Cristina Scabbia, 46, was born today, who has been the world renown in 1998 as the singer of the Italian Lacuna Coil.

With Cristina’s exasperating energy and charming smile, she is an example of many of whom we have collected some of the curiosity bouquets on her birthday.

– She was born in Milan on June 6, 1972 and grew up in the Quarto Oggiaro industrial district.

She has three siblings, one sister and two brothers. One of her brother was a big AC/DC fan, and Cristina loved the tougher music by him.

– She says she does not listen much Italian music, except for the very old ones.

– Her parents, Francesca and Dario, have supported her in music career since the beginning. Cristina was extremely crippled by her loss: her father died in 2016, her mother died in 2017.

– She does not want a child, as she has said: she is “pregnant” with her band.

– She has not studied vocal or instrument, but she has excellent sound. Nevertheless, singing came to life in the early nineties.

– Prior to being a member of Lacuna Coil, she worked in her original profession, in graphics, but she also worked as a former waitress and in a variety of workplaces.

– Her sound type: lyrical alt.

– She spent 10 years with the band’s guitarist Marco Coti-Zelatival (“Maki”) and she left him for the Slipknot member Jim Root in 2004. The couple broke in the spring of 2017, after 13 years.

– She is pet-friendly, she has a dog and two cats.

– She lives in Milan until today.

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