Cristina Scabbia finds Spotify is a cool thing

She also use the app!

On the Lacuna Coil’s home is a great spin, as the Milan team is preparing for the January big-scale concert in London – this is what we wrote earlier. It has also recently become clear that 2018 will mainly be the creation of a new album, so this time the band will mostly spend the time in Italy.

With Cristina, the singer, the Metal & High Heels made a small interview, focusing mainly on music, its financial side, musicians’ campaigns and music applications.

It turned out that the Italian singer considered Spotify a great thing, and she is also an enthusiastic user of the application.

“I set a list for myself and listen to it. Spotify is good, because I’m lazy to search for new songs on the net!”

-began the frontlady of Lacuna Coil.

“New bands can be covered on this application, we become the first-hand news, that is a very comfortable one, and an intelligent way for artists to find money, of course, not nearly as much as the sale of CDs or concerts. But I think this is still more legitimate than downloading – recordings of the albums are money – you buy it, so you’re backing us to release another album – you don ‘t buy it from the store for free, and we do not even rely on net campaigns to build a pool in front of our house, because this is not the case, the money cycle must be maintained, so it is fair! Our albums are our hearts, we give to our fans our hearts, and they support us to get a new heart give them. “


Cristina, who knows of course that many people can not afford disk purchase or concert tickets. However, she suggests: Paying to Spotify, which is not expensive, so the student’s conscience may be relaxed, and the artist gets some financial support.

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