Concert Review: Leaves’ Eyes-Kamelot in Barba Negra

Leaves’ Eyes:

About half past five I arrived to Barba Negra, as I had an appointment with Leaves’ Eyes for an interview.
After joining the band, it was difficult to find a quiet place where we could begin the conversation with Elina first, and then a bit later Alex arrived too.
The interview is in a good mood and you can read it soon.
Then we had to wait a bit longer to get in.
After 8 o’clock the concert started.
The show the band wasn’t entrusted by chance, they gave everything, and the audience was at least as good as that.
All of my favorite songs were in the setlist.
Sign of the Dragonhead
Across The Sea
Edge of Steel
Riders on the Wind
Hell to the Heavens
Unfortunately, it was only half an hour for Leaves’ Eyes, but it was worth it because they were at the first time here and we saw them at the first time and it was a great experience.
You can see the photos and videos what I was made at the concert below.

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Pictures about the show

Sign of the Dragonhead:

Edge of Steel:


They followed Kamelot who, together with Lauren Hart, gave a fantastic show what I think we will not forget for a long time.
They started the show with their first single from the new album, Phantom Divine, and then played songs from the earlier albums.
Most of the setlist was made up of the materials of the new album as well as of the previous album, but a few songs were also heard about the older disks.
Finally, they completed their 1.5 hour concert with the song Liar.
Images and videos below.

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Pictures about the show

Video 1:


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