Concert Report: Temperance/Visions of Atlantis/Serenity in Budapest

We arrived to the venue at quarter past two in the afternoon, which was still closed.

I even wrote to Melissa, who was behind the VIP.
We met her there.
She was very nice and we did the interview.
There was a fairy all along.
Then we started off and at the entrance we met Alessia, who was just getting her stuff out of the bus.
We said Hi to her and she was very kind.
She got to know me and I introduced her to my friend.
After that, we talked about everything for 10 minutes.
Among other things, how good is the weather and the music.
It was a real pleasure, a perfect overture for the evening.
Then we went to Arena Mall to spend the time.

Melissa Bonny and me after the interview

We got back to half past five in the afternoon.
There were many people at the entrance.
At 5 o’clock the doors were opened.
We imported our stuff because the cloack room opened only at 6 o’clock.

The first concert was the Leecher, they started right there, and despite the fact that the sound was sucks until the Visions of Atlantis, the concert was amazingly good.
Anett,the singer, smiled and danced all along.
They played a cover from Delain (Fire with Fire), which was very surprising because I really like that song.
It was interesting to hear 3 electric chello and the drums together.

It was a fantastic feeling.
This was followed Temperance.
I did not expect to make such a big party, but during the show I didn’t even know how to take the photos or dance.
They made a divine party and they were very positive, smiling, attracting and created a really cool atmosphere that was one of the highlights of the night.
They sang both of my favorite songs from their new album.

Check my video for the first track of the amazing show:

Then, at the Merch table, the tour manager helped us get the interview with Alessia.

Finally, she came out and we went to the lobby in the hallway and made the interview, which was also very good.
Then we talked for 10 minutes or more, and also revealed that Alessia has a great musical taste.
From the Electronic to hard rock, heavy metal likes a lot of things.

The photo was finally taken by giving her the phone to light it so we handled two phones with both hands.
It was not easy for my friend, but luckily we made super pictures.

Alessia (Temperance) and me after the interview

Then we went back to the Visions of Atlantis’ show and managed to find a good place to shoot, even though we were not in the first line.
Now compared the sound was good here, as the band took their own technician.
The concert has recorded at least soundly, it was a special pleasure to have been part of this one.

At the concert, they announced in person that they have changed their male singer who was the voice of the band in the past five years.
The band’s new singer is now the temperament male singer of Temperance, who also performed with Clémentine and the band.

They made a huge mood too and then Clémentine sang the Last Home song too, which is the one of my favorite song.
Since the band doesn’t has keyboardist, Cémentine sang with the machine, so she sang in half-playback.

After the show the Tour manager, who otherwise was very charismatic and kind, trying to help us to we can make the interview with Clémentine, but unfortunately it has been unsuccessful.  
The interview has cancelled.

But later the singer came out and if nothing else, we could took a photo with her and my friend signed with her his Exit Eden CD.

Clémentine (Visions of Atlantis) and me aftert he show

Then we came back to the Serenity show, but we could not advance to the first lines  photos were very bad I’m sorry.
But the atmosphere was great and Melissa, like a Goddess, moved on the stage.

Later, Temperance came out and always when Alessia noticed us, she always smiled back to us .

I talked to the bass player and he also said what Alessia had said before, that it looks like they will come back in the spring.

Before we got there, I met Anna Király (singer of the Hungarian Ideas band), who came to the other Hungarian band, the Tales of Evening’s show and backed the members of the band in the backstage .

She was very kind now and we talked a little bit.
I was sorry I could not stay because after that we could have had a little conversation.
But I worked the next day, so we had to go.
We went down at 11pm and thanked the venue for everything.

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