Concert Report: Nervosa in Barba Negra

At 6 o’clock in the evening, the interview with the Brazilian Nervosa band was arranged in Barba Negra, where the girls came with two lesser known bands, a Japanese and a Canadian band, and two legends, Sufocation and Venom INC. The first one is the former is death metal, the second one being the creator of Black Metal.
I came to the venue shortly before 6 am and I wrote a message directly to the number which was given by the manager. At that time I did not even know the number was given is the singer’s number.
Just a few minutes later, the singer, Fernanda, came out from the backstage and picked me up.
As we walked in, she was very kind.
When we got into the backstage, I put down my stuff and thanked the other two girls, then asked me That I will record the interview, and I said yes.
Then they asked if they would turn off the fridge because it was loud. I told them it was not important.
They were still a little fooled, then the interview started, which was a great mood.

At the end we made two very nice selfies, and then Fernanda took me to the reception and after that I went to the concert.
Upon receiving, I got my armband, and then I met my acquaintance with whom I met on the Therion and Anneke concert.
Shortly after, the party started. First of all, a Japanese band that was unknown to me, gave a very crunchy party to a small audiences. I was completely fainted by them. I did not think the Japanese were doing metal so well.
After that team came a Canadian band who were at the first time in Budapest.
But they managed to do a great party.
Then came Nervosa. Fernanda looked at me all along.
We need to know about them, that they have been formed 8 years ago and they have 2 albums and a 3-song EP and now they have come to us with their new drummer.
Their 3rd album is in the making right now.
They playing Trash Metal, which have managed to reach the top of the mood because they are a pretty famous band.

They did not give the party a chance, they put themselves in a trickle. During the party, behind me, the crackdown started, so I stopped taking photos and I went among them. I let myself go and I felt fantastic.
It was an unforgetable party for me.
You can read the interview with them very soon.
Following them, came the Sufocation, who are created death metal and they came to us with their new material. I was honored to see them, though I did not know that such a band. I was waiting for the girls to come out. Finally, Fernanda came out and signed for everyone, and taken photos.
Did she even ask me how did I like the concert? I told her that, of course, it was amazing. She was pleased to see that I was dance.
From there, I could not talk to her anymore because it turned out the second main band has come. My acquaintance told me that the Venom arrives, who are the creators of the black metal. So I was watching them and I got a little brainstorming again.
But I wanted to go home. But I was left to see them at least one detail from the show’s other main bands, who also came with their new material.

Finally, I saw 40 minutes from the concert, but I did not regret it. It was a real black metal concert. They started with one of their biggest hit, Welcome To Hell.
Finally, around 22:40, I went home.

You can watch here a short video from the Nervosa’s kickass show!

The pictures from the concert you can see here!

Barba Negra Music Club: District XI., Budapest, Prielle Kornélia street 4.



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