Concert Report from Barba Negra

Early, about halp past 4 I arrived to the venue with Eszter. In the cold as we waited, we talked a good one, met with acquaintances, so the time flies fast.
Then were finally ushered us around half past 6. Luckily, we got the armbands and we’ve got in the first row. There we met two very nice girl, Regina and Bettina, with whom we’ve a very cool conversation. We learned that they are huge Therion fans and mostly came to their concert. We have learned, among other things, for example our family are very international.
Soon after, the concert started with the instrumental music band The Devil, who, like Kraftwerk, projected on the projector. Members dressed in uniform, in Venice carnival mask, and in a dark blue clothes.
During the three-quarters warm-up concert, we received a taste from the projector from space exploration through the Cold War.
After that, the organizers came in for the leash, followed by the German Null Positiv band.
A young band whose this is their first international tour. Their first album, Koma, was released, which tells people that they would have time to wake up from Coma and change the world. It’s better for our kids and grandchildren.
The singer, Elli, started playing with us from the beginning of the concert and keep in contact. We like them very much. Their huge melodic death metal music instantly enslaved themselves in our hearts. Eszter felt terrific, and Elli regularly haunted us, creating a fantastic mood. We’ve been shaking hands with her several times and she has been spotted with us during the concert. It was one of our best party in our lives, and Eszter was terrific as well.
After the concert we started off to get the interview with them, which you can read very soon.
It turned out we have to wait for them. Until then, Eszter took the opportunity and talked with the present healthcare.
Then Elli came out and invited us to the bazaar next to the Club Entrance, where we could be bought CDs, T-shirts and other things. Soon the band was also there. We talked to Elli and she said she was difficult to speak English. But we did not won to praise the concert and her.
When we arrived with Elli to the bazaar, She immediately put a signed card in our hands and then we agreed that when she finished the other fans, we could make the interview.
Then has began the signatures and the photoshooting. Elli was very nice and straightforward with everyone.
After finishing, she invited us to the backstage where we could make the interview. Elli offered us seat and introduce us to the other band members who were also very nice.
The interview itself was a very good mood. After that, the photoshooting began, which was also a good mood. They told us to send them the interview because they would like to post them to their community pages.
After that, Elli brought us back to the arena where she thanked us and went back to the bazaar to sign to the other fans. Meanwhile, the concert of the Russian Imperial Age has begun. After we got off to Elli, Eszter went home and I stayed and fought a lot at the concert. They made a somewhat good mood for them to further enhance the mood. The venue was almost full. The members of the team also set themselves up and gave us a great mood that came astonishingly.
Most of the show was made by the songs of the new album. Jane the second vocalist not only sang and danced, but also played in some songs on a synthesizer.
After the concert I went back to the bazaar during the transition and I was surprised that Elli had been busy taking photos signing and talking.
I was, of course, waiting for the Imperial Age, who soon appeared to us. While I was waiting, I talked to my acquaintance who was watching the concerts in the back row.
When I got in, the photo was successfully completed.
I went back quickly to the stage as soon after, the main attraction, the highlight of the evening, the Therion concert began.
Of course, there was a huge ovation. The greatest ovation was the boss leader and omnipotent Christofer. The first song was performed by the singer, Thomas, followed by the two singers, one of them, who singing on the album, is Linnea, the daughter of Thomas.
She was a very cuddly and cheerful lady who was amazing enough to wake the audience and sing well.
In the first quarter of the concert, in one of the song, Null Positiv’s singer Elli was the guest star, which was a huge surprise. Most of the band’s show was made by the newly-released 3-piece metal opera Beloved Antichrist, but they also produced some of the well-known old songs.
Shortly after Elli’s guest appearance, the Therion cheerleader, Linnea, also showed her ruthlessness, which I was very excited about since she was doing fine.
The guitarist, Christian, has been on a regular basis with the girls in the front row. At the end of the show, Linnea learned how to play guitar at Christian. It was a nicely scene, and she got a great applause for it.
It has been shown on the show that it is perfectly organized and everyone knows when it is on stage and when it does not there. The girls often went back, but there was an example when Thomas is also went back.
In the first line, the pogo started, which made me aware that I was in a metal concert. Why am I saying this? For me, there is non-metallic gig, where there is no pogo. It went through a lot of songs and I felt like I was releasing myself because I was free.
At the end of the concert, there was the addition of songs from early years. Of course, in front of them, the audience was singing well, as well as the soundcheck that had already been done during the concert.
After the concert, I went back to where Null Positiv and Imperial Age band remained unchanged and cheerful, signed, and conversed. From the Therion only came out Christofer and Thomas, so I could take a photo only with Thomas.
All in all, it was an unforgettable night, which might have some after-effects, but later on.
You can see the photos about the concert, visit the following link:

Barba Negra Music Club: District XI. Prielle Kornélia street 4. 1117. Budapest, Hungary
Barba Negra: 12 months music


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