Concert Report: Feelament, Beneath My Sins & Pokerface in S8

I’m arrived to the S8 Underground Club at half past six, where 4  young talented metal bands performed last night. A Hungarian rock band, a French symphonic metal band and two Russian trash metal bands. Names are Pandas of Princess, Beneath My Sins, Feelament and Pokerface.
The S8 is located at Kerepesi road 26, opposite the exit of the metro line M2’s stop at Puskás Ferenc Stadion.
There are always good-looking parties, good drinks and good staff.

After I went down, I noticed that the main team, Pokerface, make the soundcheck.

After dropping my stuff in Backstage, the singer of Beneath My Sins came to me and signaled to me that she is ready for the interview. This surprised me because I usually go to the bands.

We went to a couch in the lobby and we did the interview there.

Emma was very nice and the interview was pleasant. A well-made picture was also great.


With Emma the singer of Beneath My Sins

Then I saw the Feelament’s singer, who was drinking tea at the bar.
I went to her and talk with her. I asked her: Has she some time for an interview?
Of course she answered, and we went to the tables. She called the guitarist who helped her in the translation.
Finally, the interview was in a good mood. The picture was made by the guitarist and I think that was a great pic. After the photo, Maria hugged me and she was very grateful for the interview.


With Maria, the singer of Feelament

Finally, I made an interview with the Pokerface’s beautiful singer, Alexandra, who was also very nice.
Then I consumed and then the concert started.
First of all, Pandas of Princess gave a concert that was enjoyed by the members of the other bands.
Then came the Feelament, during their soundcheck, I talked a few words with Maria. She said, again very kindly, that it is very important for them to we write about them.
The Russian band plays groove metal, similarly to the trash metal, with hard guitar sounds and hard growls.
Maria and the guys performed a song from Pantera in which they were singing us.
Meanwhile, the bartender offered the bands with a small domestic palinka. It was funny because they never drank it and it was very strong to them. They did not know the technique of how to drink it.
The next band was Beneath My Sins, who gave a pleasant, but very hard symphonic metal concert. They were doing their best, as if they were on a big concert.
After the concert Emma asked how good the party was? I said it was great and I felt myself very good.
Then we started to drank again and came the surprise.
Emma invited me to a beer. She did not drink any more than she said, because he knew she will be the driver after the show.
I was very pleased and thankfully thanked the invitation.
After that Pokerface gave a really crunchy concert, which featured songs from their latest album, as well as the two Arch Enemy songs (You Will You Know My Name, The World Is Yours), from which Alexandra has told already in the interview.
Then came an another round of palinka, then the guys got me with them.
After that, I went into the Backstage to my stuff and thanked to everyone.
The girls, all of them, embraced me and they were very grateful for the interview and everything and hope they will see me again as I hope to see them again.
Today, the small team is gigging in Győr.

Interviews are coming very soon!

S8 underground Club: District XIV. Budapest, Kerepesi street 26. In the front of the Puskás Ferenc Stadion Metro Station (Metro line M2’s exit at Kerepesi street)

The videos from the show are available:


Beneath My Sins


Photo galleries are available on the folowing links:


Beneath My Sins


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