Clémentine Delauney says men expect a singer to be nice

The brand-new album of the Visions of Atlantis from Austria was released in the days, and the band started their tour with the release. Right now the crew is pissed off, but the band’s French singer, Clémentine Delauney, has commented on a very interesting subject – her thoughts you can read on Metal Underground.

The pretty singer says the fans expect that the singers to be not only talented, but beautiful too.

“I think the women have proved that they have a place in the metal genre, there are wonderful female singers, I can mention Nightwish or Arch Enemy, for example, and that’s cool, but fans still expect the singer to be beautiful, even though most people did realize that that it does not necessarily have to a typical gothic dress and be a diva.”

-began Clémentine and then continued:

“We’re getting more and more sticks of microphone, drummers or guitars, but often they are still acting us as stage accessories. They remind us of our exterior, people lack respect and not just men, women.”

The singer is also member of the French Melted Space and Exit Eden, the previous soon-to-be-release their new album on the stores’ shelves. She has betrayed her plans, with her latter band, she comes out very well with Amanda, Marina and Anna, but can not say more about the plans for now.

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