Charlotte Wessels: “We try to keep our productivity.”

Recently, the DaBelly Magazine has received the Dutch Delain singer Charlotte Wessels and founder Martijn Westerholt in Phoenix, Arizona, where the band played with Kamelott and the Finnish Battle Beast.

As we reported earlier, they are working on the next album, but in the fall they will launch an EP.

The Moonbathers (2016) album made the team incredibly popular, but what’s the secret?

“The pressure!”

-started Charlotte laughing.

“No, that’s not true, but we’re trying to keep our productivity down. We’re very happy with Moonbathers, we think we’ll do it again, we just need a little while. Last year we released a DVD (Decade of Delain: Live At Paradiso) And in the fall we will release an EP before the album arrives.”

It is well-known that the band always release an EP before the album.

Martijn added: they give more and more concerts year after year, have been attracted many fans in recent years. For a long time, the team was pre-band before the bands, but now they’re playing on big stages in the front of enthusiastic listeners.

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