Burning Witches-Open Your Mind

The Swiss Burning Witches band we has been introduced recently.
The 5-piece band signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records, and then they made the new album, Hexenhammer.
The album has been released today and has received great feedbacks so far.

The album is available on the following formats:

Limited Digipack CD: nblast.de/BurningWitchesCD
Limited Edition Double Gatefold Black Vinyl: nblast.de/BurningWitchesVinyl
Limited Edition Double Gatefold Red Vinyl: nblast.de/BurningWitchesNBShop
Limited Edition Double Gatefold Blue Vinyl + poster: nblast.de/BurningWitchesNBShop
Digital album: nblast.de/BWHexenhammerIT

The first single of the album, Executed, released 2 months ago.
It was followed by the title song Hexenhammer 1 month ago.
1 week ago, the latest single, Open Your Mind, was released, with a lyric video, which you can watch below:

The band states:

“We are very proud to announce our last lyric video for the track OPEN YOUR MIND!
The song delivers a message for all of us: Don’t let fear and anger control your life! We all should stand together in this time, when racism is about to grow again. We should remember that we are all the same. «Open your Mind – Open your Heart – and try to remember how to cry!“

Burning Witches are not only the hottest export from the Alpine Republic, the five piece from Switzerland are also one of the most thrilling newcomers in old school heavy metal spanning the last few years!

The band hit the road and went to a tour with the new album.


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