Break Me Down from Milan

Break Me Down is an Italian Alternative Metal band from Milan, formed in 2017.
The energy and the beauty of their songs releases a powerful emotion that explodes during their live performances.
Their first EP “Resilience” was released in January 2018, which contains three unedited songs written and produced by the band, then recorded and mixed by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Studio.
February 2018 sees the publication of the first single, “Warrior”; single accompanied by a Video-clip shot in Seregno during the recording sessions of “Resilience”.
Actually the band is engage with songwriting of the new record.


Irene Franco – Voice
Morris Steel – Guitar
Beppe LoChef – Bass Guitar
Fabio Benedan – Drums
Laerte Ungaro – Guitar

You can check them on the link below:

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