Auri-Tracklist and new trailer

The story of the two Nightwish musicians, Tuomas Holopainen+Troy Donockley, and as well Tuomas’s wife, Johanna Kurkela’s band, dates back to 2011, but last year the project got momentum when Nightwish held a break.

The band has already shown two songs for the release, Night 13 and The Space Between, and now the tracklist of the album has also revealed. The album will be released on March 23, via Nuclear Blast.

Tracklist of the album:

01. The Space Between

02. I Hope Your World Is Kind

03. Skeleton Tree

04. Desert Flower

05. Night 13

06. See

07. The Name Of The Wind

08. Aphrodite Rising

09. Savant

10. Underthing Solstice

11. Them Thar Chanterelles


Cover of the album

A question that keeps cropping up for the band is ’where did the name AURI come from?‘. In today’s new album trailer, the trio explain if there is any connection to Patrick Rothfuss‘ trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle and the character named Auri.

Troy comments:

“It [the character of Auri in the Rothfuss books] suited just perfectly, it suited the direction and the dream of music that we always had so it was just a perfect name.”

Johanna adds:

“Yeah, I mean music just makes you feel that there is this magic still existing in the world, you can’t really explain why you feel the way you do when you hear a song. It could open the flood inside of you and make you start crying or laughing – it’s MAGIC!”

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