Auri: A dream came true with the album!

Tuomas Holopainen created the Auri project with his wife Johanna Kurkela and his Nightwish musician Troy Donockley. The team’s history goes back to 2011, when Tuomas and Johanna recorded a song called Aphrodite Rising. However, Nightwish, as its main project, released its Imaginaerum album in November, Johanna was seized by her solo career, and they was hooked up the Auri project.

In 2016 was revealed that Floor Jansen, the band’s singer was expecting a baby, and the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour ended, so it was obvious that 2017 would be resting on the team. Then Tuomas felt it: now the time has come for something new. On Youtube, Troy and Tuomas told in detail about the beginning.

Auri’s English-born musician, Troy, said:

“It was a very unusual way to make an album, but it was not just an album, but an entity whose soul was. When we frozen with Tuomas and Johanna this project, there was a sound in our ears that >> We must do it << But we did not talk about the Auri all the time, unless we all met. He tried to experiment, we did not know how to put a solid shape, and suddenly everything was fast-tracking, writing.”

Then Tuomas shared his thoughts:

“After the release of Nightwish’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful album, we made it into the world, I felt as if I was in a vacuum, I was not desperate, but I did not have the inspiration, and this album was my best release, especially the last song, The Greatest Show On Earth I felt that we were up to it, and I wondered if there is a story that Nightwish can tell about it, for about 18 months I felt this after the release of the album. And I did not know how but opened the gates to Nightwish, the inspiration came back and I started writing songs for the new Nightwish album, I’ve been working with Nightwish for the last four months and I was very excited. The two projects were the same ground, so there is no substantial difference between them. They complement each other.”

The Auri album will be release on March 23, and Night 13 has been already released by the trio for fans.

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