Arkona & Delain show in Budapest

On November 24, two great bands visited Budapest.
The Dutch Delain promoted their latest EP, with guest, the Russian Arkona.
Arkona plays folk metal and they didn’t leave the show to chance.
The mood for Delain’s show was really hot.

Arkona made a real amazing show for the stage.

After the Arkona camed the Dutch Delain, who, along with their latest EP, also played their older hits.
I was very happy to finally see them because I had not had the opportunity to go to their concert before.
The first song warmed up the mood, and the hits came in a nice line.
Charlotte kept in touch with the audience and sang her soul to us.
There was also a prominent part of the concert, with the drummer and guitarist staying on stage and playing music.
In addition, the band sang an unreleased song, which made it crazy because it was a very fast-paced song.
We didn’t want to let go the band at the end of the concert, but in the end we had no choice.
However, we got richer with a memorable concert.


April Rain
Glory and the Scum
Get the Devil Out of Me
Burning Bridges
Masters of Destiny
Last Dance (Unreleased)
One Second
Hands of Gold
Not Enough
Don’t Let Go
The Gathering
Fire With Fire
We Are The Others
The Monarch

Videos about the show are here, here, here and here!

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