Arch Enemy: Michael Amott says the audiences are well received the ballad Reason To Believe

Last September, the Swedish band’s Will To Power album was released on the shelves of the store – this is the second album what they recorded with the Canadian Alissa White-Gluz.

The album was a great success everywhere, showing far more serious results than its predecessor, the 2014 War Eternal.

The guitarist, Michael Amott, told to Hayley Leggs of the ballad recording ‘Reason to Believe’, on whichwe can also heard Alissa’s clean singing.

“I wrote this song with my brother (Arch Enemy’s former guitarist, Christopher Amott), which was clearly a ballad and we thought, >>It would be weird if we were to give a grunt and growling.<< he said. So I talked about it to Alisa and we arranged everything.”

-began the musician.

“But fortunately, the audience redeived very well.”

-he continued.

“I’ve always been up to this, I’ve never been hard-headed, the song is very great or nothing. I grew up in Thrash and Death metal, but I’m a big Scorpions and Judas Priest fan too. All big bands also had ballads, so I think it will make us a composite metal band.”

Michael says Alissa’s entry into the band-After Angela Gossow’s exit in 2014-has opened up a lot of opportunities, because there are plenty of possibilities in the voice of the singer.


In an interview with Revolver in 2017, Alissa commented that countless Arch Enemy fans were very surprised when they could hear her in other contexts. In the issue of Liar, Liar from Kamelot, Alissa simultaneously invokes her growl and clear singing. This gaves the idea to Michael to include a ballad on the next record.

Translated by: Márton László Varga

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