Arch Enemy: Alissa says the new album is so great!

On September 8, 2017, Arch Enemy’s latest album, Will To Power, was released into stores.

From now, there are 3 singles, The World is Yours, The Eagle Flies Alone and The Race with music videos.

The band is currently rocking, and almost all of their concerts have had been sold out, and more venues have to be added to the concerts due to the huge interest.

The Rockpit has just made an interview with Alisa, the band’s singer, which was also taken over by The Blabbermouth.

In the interview, Alissa talks about the band’s new album.

The Rockpit:
How did the critics and the audience reaction about the new album?


“It was great: for us when we created the 2014 War Eternal, there were so many changes in the band that we did not know how to receive and then we were pleasantly surprised, every journalist, every artist, every photographer, when we met and interviewed or dedicated or gave a concert, the answer went beyond what we could imagine, only to a positive one. Taking and publishing the “Will To Power”, in our minds is the kind of nervousness like, “Oh, my god, how can we have a look at the War Eternal? “What if it’s good, what can we do differently?” The fact that you can not really focus because you can only do as the band writes great songs can be done by every gang, but fortunately the answer was really better, the feedback from the different countries was higher than the “War Eternal” and in many cases it was the highest selling of ARCH ENEMY albums. We saw the full shows, the increase in ticket sales. Journalists have a very good opinion, are very open and accepting the fans and of course the media that will help us, such as Spotify, streaming and radio stations. Well, yes, everybody was very happy and we’re happy about it because we’re part of the music that, after a while, we say, “What are we doing here?” [Laughs] We do not know more, so we’re basically starting to look at you and we’ll meet 30-40 journalists a day and talk in different languages. We are very excited to come and understand our vision of the album and enjoy the music.”

The Rockpit:
How would you approach the other album? Obviously, fans will recognize the difference between your voice and the voice of [the former ARCH ENEMY singer] Angela [Gossow], so you’ll stick to how they’ve been recorded or taken in your own style?


“Well, something that people may not remember, because we’ve obviously switched that Angela is different in concerts than Angela in the studio, you know what I’m talking about, every singer sounds different from the record and sounds like another night, because perhaps the patients or perhaps the acoustics of the room have created a little different sound, so any song we live in will be different than on the album, whether I’ve made a recording or what was recorded by Angela or Johan [Liiva, ex-ARCH ENEMY singer] recorded and I’m trying to insist on what Angela did because she was wonderful and so I’m just trying to make a similar pronunciation because this is what people hear in their minds and what they listen to but we also play songs, we tend to evolve over time and introduce these live versions, we do not even realize that this is happening, I mean, this is very often happen, and after a while I say, “Wait a minute,” and I listen to the album, even if it is my own song, “Oh, my God.” But it was never a conscious decision to change; it just happened.”

Sources: The Rockpit & Blabbermouth

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