Anneke van Giersbergen is happy to write a song from Budapest too.

Anneke van Giersbergen is not to be introduce by most of the metal fans, as the 44-year-old Dutch lady has been in the music for 25 years. HammerWorld was interviewed by the charismatic radiant, always smiling Anneke, whom the God also created on the stage. VUUR will give a concert on A38, Budapest on 18 February.

Probably the hardest part of her work was put on the table, when VUUR’s first album, In This Moment We Are Free-Cities, appeared. The specialty of the disc is that all 11 songs on it are written for each city. In connection with this, Anneke said: since she has been traveling the world for nearly 25 years with her projects and solo works, many cities have had the luck to see and breathe the atmosphere there.

Anneke knew she will be on stage.

“My parents werelistened a lot of music and I loved the arts and I grew up on Rolling Stones and classical music. My family has been supported since the beginning, and I’m very grateful. I grew up in a small Dutch village in Sint Michielsgesten. I’m going to be a singer. I started dancing to a vocal teacher and dancing in parallel.”

-began Anneke, who betrayed: she is satisfied with the melodic tone, though she practiced for a long time to expand her voice.

The singer also keeps in touch with her fellow musicians, who have been acquainted with The Gathering. The Seventh Episode was the name of the project and despite the fact that the team has not been active for 25 years, it has been in friendship with its former companions. But how did The Gathering come?

“At that time, I was dating a guy who came from the same city as The Gathering and he knew them, and it turned out that the band was looking for a singer, and the guy recommended me, listening and probably I liked them (laughs). I did not regret it either! “

Anneke spent 13 years in the band and loved the Gothic-melancholic music of The Gathering. Although the singer was afraid at first, how the audience reacted to her presence, since the formation was well known and well known in Holland before her appearance. Until now, Anneke is very proud of their achievements, especially the first joint album, the 1995 Mandylion.

Another known project is The Gentle Storm, in which Arjen Lucassen works with the singer. Currently, this project is on a landing stage, but Anneke does not think it is unthinkable that they will play together again.

“Arjen is a very good friend and a really valuable person!”

In VUUR, Anneke works with such a well-known musicians like Ed Warby, Johan van Stratum, Jord Otto and Ferry Duijsens. They immediately said yes to VUUR. At first, Marcela Bovio, Johan’s wife, formerly a member of the Stream of Passion, was a member of the band, but in April last year, due to musical differences, she left the band, but they were separated from each other. The Mexican-born singer has been focusing on solo career since then, and has become a full member of MaYaN, founded by Epica’s Mark Jansen, with Laura Macrival, Mark’s sister.

As mentioned by Anneke, she traveled a lot, traveled the world, and in VUUR’s songs she wanted to give the audience the feeling of this cities but what about Budapest?

“I would love to write a song from Budapest! I love this city, beautiful, Hungarian people are fantastic, I always feel like I’m playing at home! Hungarians have always honored my music and as I have noticed, they live for the hearts of those who are very much important! I can not wait to return to you!”


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