Anneke van Giersbergen: “I believe in the success of VUUR!”

Fresh interview with the singer!

VUUR has been introduced to the audience last year, and the 44-year-old Anneke van Giersbergen has put a lot of things on the table within the metal genre. She started her career at The Gathering at the age of 21, where she spent 13 years, then began working on solo works under the name Aqua de Annique. Later she created with Arjen Lucassen The Gentle Storm, and last year was born the VUUR which means Fire in the Dutch language with Ed Warby, Johann van Stratum, Otto Jorddal and Ferry Duijsens. Marcela Bovio -Johan’s wife, played in the Stream of Passion – was also a teammate, but in this April, due to musical differences, she left the VUUR’s board. Anneke and the boys will also visit our country in February to give an unforgettable concert on A38 ship.

The band announced their first album, “In This Moment We Are Free – Cities” on October 20th, and then started with a joint tour with Epica. On November 10 at the party held in Zlin (Czech Republic), the Rocker sk. made an interview with Annie about the ensemble of the Dutch singer.

“When we set up The Gentle Storm with Arjen, I started thinking about a team with whom we can play live songs from this project, so I asked the guys whether they would like to join me and set up a new band. they said yes I had a lot of ideas, so our album’s concept came from writing songs about cities, and we’ve been creating the band for two years and it took me a year to write the songs. “

-Began Anneke. Marcela Bovio emerged during the studio recordings because she did not agree with the others, but as we wrote it, they became friends with the band. Since then the mexican-born singer has been concentrating on her solo carreer.

“For the last 25 years I have done a lot of things, but I was afraid of showing the VUUR in social media, I really believe in this band, but to show people a new project is risky, people are identifying something you’ve done , and now they have to accept a whole new thing. It’s not easy. Fortunately, the audience got VUUR very positively and I’m thinking of the next album! “


The always smiling singer added: she plans other solo works, but as long as VUUR represents the progressive and toughest line, her own works will be completely different.



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