Anette Olzon rushes again!

The Swedish singer has recently given a thorough interview to Teamrock, where she has spoken about his former team, but she also talked about plans for the future. As you know the vocalist was the singer of Nightwish since 2007, but she could only strengthen the team for five years, because in 2012 she was fired from the band. She then released her first and probably last solo album, which was named Shine, and came to store shelves in 2014.

As you well known, Nettie’s album was not metal, so it was not a big success among fans, as the singer herself confirmed:

I really like my album and I’m proud of it, but I think it was a bit hard for my fans since it’s a completely different kind of genre.

The idea of The Dark Element is very excited. I love the songs, especially because they write to me. Of course, I also like the songs I’ve made with Nightwish, so I’m happy to re-represent the symphonic metal.


-she admitted, but added that her first band, Alyson Avenue, is also a novelty and they are also on tour for a twenty year jubilation. In addition, she has revealed that the Dark Element is re-energized, so she is ready to go on stage again.

I feel absolutely energetic when I sing these songs: Many people are listening to it to being refreshed in the gym. I do not know if everyone knows I’m who sings, but there was a man who might be in the middle of the 60s and not a meticulous who came to me and said, “You sing? I really like My Sweet Mystery!” This was a fantastic feedback.

she said in a gratifying mood, but she also betrayed that she would not rule out the possibility of making another solo album in the future.

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