Anette Olzon: “I finally do what I like!”

On November 10, they sent their first album to the stores shelves of the Swedish / Finnish formation, The Dark Element – the disk wears the team’s name. Anette Olzon gave to Heavy Music HQ a small interview about the album, the works and the plans of the band. Formerly, we learned about how the recordings took place in a small movie, and now Anette has explained her ideas more.

Nightwish’s second front lady, Anette and the Finnish Sonata Arctica’s ex-guitarist, Jani Liimatainen, a great fan of each other’s work, and the idea of the common album came spontaneously.

“The record label called me and asked if I would love to record a common album with Jani.”

– began the Swedish singer.

“I mostly described us as a studio band. I was not in the studio, because when they started recording, I learned (Anette completed the nurse training this year), but if I had time, I was there. The lyrics mostly written by Jani.”

But what was the most fun part of the job?


“Most of all, I felt myself free when I was singing the vocal tracks, not said the producer, how to sing, no one stressed, so I could let myself.” The sound on my throat could come out as I wanted. This enabled me to concentrate entirely to work.”

Anette combines the album with a variety of styles: it has metal, a little ABBA feeling, electronic elements, symphonic parts and great choirs. She also betrayed: Almost only positive feedback received about the album.

Are they planning a tour, performances?

“Several concerts have been fixed and we’ve got a lot of bids. This project is very personal to me, and if we work, I want to make 100% of it.”

Anette is in a white coat helping on sick people when she does not deal with music. But how is the singer career and the hospital compatible?


“After I broke up with Nightwish, I wanted to find myself.
This was a great opportunity to learn, though it was a bit strange to get back to my desk beyond my 40 years. I always wanted to help others and I have been planning for a long time if I have a chance I’ll do the nurse training. I need a stable financial background, I’m a family mother, good if you are standing on several feet. I would like to give my sons the right conditions. In the hospital where I work, of course, many people recognized me. They know I’m Anette Olzon, who once sang in Nightwish, but they see me not the artist but the nurse. And that’s all right, because there are two completely different things. “



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