Anette Olzon covered old memories

The frontwoman of The Dark Element released her first solo album, Shine, in 2014, one and a half years after her fired from Nightwish. In this respect, she had been told in an earlier post about her composing Moving Away, which she wrote for her mother – the singer’s mother was diagnosed with cancer during the recordings of the album.

Now Nettie has told some infos about the Invincible song. The 46-year-old Swedish star wrote this song to her oldest son, Seth, who will be 17th this year. With the touching lyrics, the songwriter has betrayed some secret:

“This song was written to my oldest son, Seth, about my desire for him, but I could not get pregnant for years, but after a lot of suffering, a surgery and a hard pregnancy, my son was born. When he was in my arms I was infinitely happy and I feel myself invincible and Seth, Nemo and Miu too. They are the lights of my eyes!”

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