Amberian Dawn re-released their 2014 song Cherish My Memory

The Swedish Amberian Dawn’s latest album, Darkness of Eternity, was released last year, and since then the band has been on tour, currently with the Italian Lacuna Coil.
This year, they did not really hear about themselves musically.
Now, the ice has been broken, as they re-released their 2014 song “Cherish My Memory”.
This song was the opening song of the Magic Forest album and this was the first record what they recorded with the new singer Capri.

The band commented:ű

“We wanted to celebrate our upcoming European Tour with Lacuna Coil and decided to make a new music video.
I wanted to try new ways in recording & mixing music to achieve a new sound and we selected this song to be re-arranged and remixed.
So we recorded the song again and added some more keyboards & orchestral parts for example.
Our guitarist Emil Pohjalainen did the mixing and The American mastering engineer legend Ted Jensen did the mastering.
I really like our new sound and I’ll hope that you’ll like it too…and also enjoy watching this video.
See you soon on tour.”

The new video you can see below:

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